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Network Setup, Troubleshooting & Testing

FieldSoftware's printing products support network printing on WM6, WM6, PPC2003 devices as well has H/PC 2000 and H/PC Pro devices.

Before using FieldSoftware's network printing technology, you must have your device working properly with a network card and connection. If you are trying to print to a shared printer attached to a networked PC, you should be able to use File Explorer on your device to find the networked PC. If File Explorer cannot find the networked PC, then our printing solutions will be unable to find a shared printer on that networked PC.

For general networking connection questions and technical support, contact the manufacturer of your network card. Below are several network-related pages, including 3 on Chris De Herrara's excellent "Windows CE Website" that might be helpful for setting up your networking capabilities and verifying that all is working correctly:

- Network Troubleshooting FAQ

- 802.11b WiFi Wireless LAN Configuration

- Network Utilities

- Free Network Utility - vxUtil

- Hewlett-Packard Network Guide for Printing - This guide is geared towards a specific HP printer (the HP 2500C) but offers a wealth of valuable information on setting up printers on the network.