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ITM praktiker Bestenliste 2005 - PrintPocketCE / www.praktiker.at/


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Print Pocket Excel, Pocket Word and email files
Supports Pocket PC 2003/2002 devices
Prints in Color!! 
Version 3.570 Available - See What's New

Download: PrintPocketCE Installer
for Pocket PC 2003/2002

Download and run PrintPocketCE_Install.exe on desktop PC
to install across ActiveSync to your Pocket PC

Try free for 30 days
NOTE: This download is the full PrintPocketCE shipping version. This will install as a fully-functioning free 30-day evaluation. When you purchase at the "Buy Me Now" link you will receive a Registration Code to permanently unlock the evaluation mode.

Note for WM6 & WM5 Pocket PC users:
PrintPocketCE does not support WM6/WM5 Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls)
file formats. WM6/WM5 users can print RTF, plain text (.txt), and email files.

Direct install CAB files: download the CAB file for your device to your desktop PC, use ActiveSync -> Explore to copy to your Pocket PC.
Use Pocket PC File Explorer to find the CAB file, tap to install.
CAB: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003

CAB: Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2002

Download, install and evaluate PrintPocketCE before purchasing.
When you purchase at "Buy Me Now" you will receive a Registration
Code by email that permanently unlocks the evaluation mode.

$39.95 - Buy Me Now!
Click here for volume pricing.

The reviews are in...

TWO TIME WINNER: Pocket PC Magazine "Best Software" award for printing - 2004 & 2003

"I highly recommend this product. There are a ton of options and the print quality and speed were excellent... worked flawlessly every single time... you can't go wrong... you will wonder what you did without it".  - A Must Have!!

"PrintPocketCE is an excellent printing app for the Pocket PC. If you need to print from your Pocket PC, this is a killer app!" 
PDA Buyer's Guide

Article: Print from the Pocket PC with PrintPocketCE by Dale Coffing

"What can I say? PrintPocketCE is great! 
This is salvation for us mobile users." 
PocketNow.Com Review

PocketPCMinds Review: "This utility is so easy to use" Rating 5 of 5 Smileys!  TUCOWS Rating: Excellent!! 

Free Upgrade to PrintPocketCE v3.570  If you purchased a previous version of PrintPocketCE, you can upgrade to this latest version for free. Simply click here to download the installer. Please uninstall any older versions of PrintPocketCE from your Pocket PC (Start menu -> Settings -> System Tab -> Remove Programs -> select "FieldSoftware PrintPocketCE" and tap the "Remove" button then "Yes"). Now run the new downloaded installer from your desktop to install the newest version. To confirm that you are using the latest version of PrintPocketCE, bring up the "About" box from the menu.

Questions or problems? Email to techsupport@fieldsoftware.com

What is PrintPocketCE?

PrintPocketCE prints out Pocket Excel spreadsheets, Pocket Word documents and Emails, as well as Pocket RTF (rich text format) and plain text (TXT) files. PrintPocketCE prints to a wide variety printers  using Infrared, Bluetooth, 802.11b wireless network and serial connections (click here for list of printers supported). Pocket Excel, Pocket Word and Pocket RTF files are printed with text formatting, including multiple fonts, text attributes (color, plain, bold, italic, underline, strike-through) and justification (left, center right). Images contained within Pocket Word and Pocket RTF files are also printed. 

Printers Supported by PrintPocketCE

Special Features:

bulletResize Options: Shrink or enlarge all of font sizes of a document at print time.
bulletQuick Print: Bypasses "Select Printer" screen for one-tap "select-and-print" operation.
bulletSelect font and font size for plain text printing.
bulletPrint Pocket Word and Pocket RTF files with text formatting or in plain-text.
bulletPrint Pocket Excel spreadsheets with full formatting with many options.
bulletOptionally pass command-line parameters (see here). Allows other Pocket PC programs to use PrintPocketCE to print documents.
bulletNow with support for 2-byte languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Installing and Using PrintPocketCE:

bulletRun PrintPocketCE_Install.exe from desktop PC to install to your Pocket PC.
bulletTap on Start->Programs and then tap PrintPocketCE. When PrintPocketCE first starts, it show the "Startup Screen" (below left). This offers a quick-help and shows the version of PrintPocketCE. Tap OFF the "Show this screen at startup" checkbox to not see this every time (you can always view it by going to menu and selecting "About").
bulletPrintPocketCE's main screen shows an "Options" menu and three icons along the bottom. Tap on the icons to select between lists of Pocket Word docs (plus text and Pocket RTF files), Pocket Excel spreadsheets, and emails.

PrintPocketCE Startup Screen 

Pocket Word Doc Selection List 
Pocket Word, Rich Text and plain text files

bulletTo move between lists of available Pocket Word docs (above right), Pocket Excel spreadsheets (below left) and Emails (below right), tap on the selection images in the menu bar at the bottom.

Pocket Excel Selection List 

Email Selection List 

bulletTo print, simply tap on an item in the current list. If you have not yet registered PrintPocketCE, you will see the evaluation screen (below left). You can use the fully functional evaluation version for 30 days by tapping the "Use Evaluation" button. After purchasing PrintPocketCE you will receive a Registration Code. Enter this code and tap the "Register" button. Once registered, you will not see the evaluation screen again.
bulletThe next step in printing is the "Select Printer" screen (below right). 

Evaluation Screen 

Select Printer

bulletSelect your printer (below left) and port and set up any other options.
bulletTap on "More Settings" (below right) to change other printer settings such as Margins. The "Form Feed Settings" is useful for printers that use paper rolls. By setting the "Scroll" option, the paper will move the set distance past the last printed part of the page. If you are using regular "cut sheet" paper, leave this setting at "Normal Form Feed". Most of the other settings should be left unchanged. Tap OK to go back to the "Select Printer" screen (go here for full explanation of all printer options).

What Do The Printer Options Do?
Network Printing on Pocket PC 2003
Bluetooth Printing

bulletTap "Start Printing" on the "Select Printer" screen to begin printing. You will see the "Printing in Progress" box (below left). Once printing is complete, PrintPocketCE will return to the current Doc or Email selection list screen.

Printing in Progress 

Pocket Word Doc Options Menu

Pocket Word Doc Options (above right):

bulletGo to Pocket Excel printing... and Go to email printing...: Selects alternate list of file types for printing.
bulletResize Options: At times it is useful to reduce or enlarge the overall size of printed document. To do this with PrintPocketCE, tap on the Select menu from the main screen and then "Resize Options" (see below left). If you leave this setting at "100% Normal" then your document will print normally. Selecting another option will reduce (50% or 75%) or enlarge (125% or 150%) the text size, tab distance and any images in your documents as they are printed. Make your selection and tap OK to return to the main screen. Note that this setting will remain in effect for all printed documents until you change it. Also note that this setting does not affect Plain Text printing (discussed below).
bulletQuick Print Flag: If you always use the same printer selection options you can bypass the Printer Selection screen by checking this flag. With this flag checked, you can tap on a document to go straight to printing. If you later need to change printer settings, uncheck the "Quick Print Flag".
bulletPlain Text Flag: Check this flag to print a Pocket Word or Rich Text file without text formatting, This will always take you to the "Plain Text" printing described below. Uncheck the "Plain Text Flag" to resume printing Pocket Word and Rich Text documents with full text formatting.

PrintPocketCE supports the same subset of Word (DOC) and RTF files as Pocket Word - see here for more information. 

Pocket Word Resize Options 

Pocket Excel (PXL) file list

Pocket Excel Spreadsheet Printing:

bulletTap on the Excel icon to get a list of Pocket Excel (PXL) spreadsheets to print (above right)
bulletTo list spreadsheets in a specific folder.: Tap Folder list on upper left of screen (see below left). By default, list shows all Pocket Excel files in My Documents and sub-folders
bulletTap on spreadsheet to print.: This takes you to Excel Options screen (below left). 
bulletNOTE: PrintPocketCE only prints Pocket Excel v2.0 files and templates (PXL or PXT). If you are unable to print a certain file, go to Pocket Excel, open that file and save it to make sure that it is in the proper format.

Pocket Excel Options 

Pocket Excel - Folder Selection

bulletPocket Excel Print Area
bulletFull Spreadsheet: Print the full spreadsheet (defined by cells specified)
bulletSelection: Print the selection of cells last saved to the Excel file
bulletPopulated: Print only region of populated cells as specified.
bulletCustom: Lets you enter the region of cells to print
bulletSheet to Print: Lists all sheets found in the Excel file. Select the one you wish to print.
bulletPrint Sizing
bulletNormal - 100% : Prints full width as specified by Excel file
bulletFit to Page: Reduces or expands size of spreadsheet to fit printed page
bulletCustom: Allows you to enter percentage size for printed spreadsheet - for example, 50% will print spreadsheet 1/2 normal size. Limited to 25% - 250%
bulletRow & Column Heading: Will print row and column information
bulletGridlines: Includes gridlines for spreadsheet. 
bulletPrint background colors: Includes any background colors defined in spreadsheet. Turn this off to print with no backgrounds 
bulletCenter: Centers spreadsheet on printed page (will print at top left otherwise). 

Email Printing Options:

bulletTap on the Inbox envelope icon to get a list of emails to print (vellow left)
bulletEmail Folder Selection: Tap the "Inbox" text at the top left of the email window and you will see a list of email folders available (below right). Open folders to move to the folder containing emails you want to print.

Email List 

Email Service Folders

bulletEmail Print Options: From the Email List screen, tap the Email Options menu then Email Print Options (below right). You can select the order of items included in the printed email header as well as the font info for both the email header and main text.

Email Print Options 

Plain Text Printing

Plain Text Printing:

bulletFrom Pocket Word list, you can select plain text (TXT) files to print. You will see the "Printing Plain Text" screen (above right). Plain text files are printed without varying text formatting - all text is printed using the selected font, font size, and attributes.
bulletSet the TAB spacing to be a selected number of characters for the font type and size.
bulletTap "Print Plain Text" to go to the "Select Printer" screen and begin printing.
bulletIf you check ON the "Plain Text Flag" entry in the Doc Options menu, all Pocket Word documents will be printed using Plain Text printing options - all text formatting will be removed. Uncheck "Plain Text Flag" to print Pocket Word docs with text formatting.
bulletNote: if the "Quick Print Flag" is checked, both the "Printing Plain Text" and "Select Printer" screens are bypassed to begin immediately printing plain text documents. 



NOTE: For WM6 and WM5 Pocket PC users: PrintPocketCE prints Pocket Word .PSW and Pocket Excel .PXL file formats. WM6 and WM5 use Mobile Word .DOC and Mobile Excel .XLS file formats which cannot be printed by PrintPocketCE. There are no current plans to add this support into future releases of PrintPocketCE.


Inking areas (such as handwritten notes and drawings) of Pocket Word documents cannot be printed by PrintPocketCE. Microsoft is currently keeping its inking technology proprietary. 


PrintPocketCE supports the same subset of Word (DOC) and RTF files as Pocket Word - see here for more information. 

bulletPrintPocketCE only prints Pocket Excel v2.0 files and templates (PXL or PXT). If you are unable to print a certain file, go to Pocket Excel, open that file and save it to make sure that it is in the proper format.
bulletCertain HTML-based emails may not print correctly.

Have questions? See here for PrintPocketCE FAQ!

Special Feature - Command-line support
: Pocket PC programs can use PrintPocketCE to print out Pocket Word, Rich Text and plain text files by using CreateProcess() and PrintPocketCE's command line support.

Volume Discounts for PrintPocketCE:
Volume discounts not for resale.
For questions or company purchase orders or by check  contact sales@fieldsoftware.com
1 Installation
$39.95 ea
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25-99 Installations
$24.95 ea
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