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Printers Supported 
by FieldSoftware's Printing
SDKs & Apps

HP Mobile Printers,
DeskJets and LaserJets

PCL3 Compatible - See Note 1
Officejet 100 Mobile troubleshooting

Apex, Andes, OC

microFlash 4te/2te
Brother RuggedJet

Brother PocketJet
PJ6, 6 Plus, 3, 3 Plus

Brother MW Series
MW-260,145BT, 140BT
Intermec PR3 Point of Sale Printers
Intermec Fingerprint &
ESC-P Line Print
Includes PR3/PR2,
PB5x, 4x, 3x, 2x

Intermec PB3/PB2

Zebra MZ,RW,QL,Cameo

Requires CPCL printers (see Note 2)

Seiko DPU-S series,

Panasonic JT-H200PR Toughprint

Epson TM-P60

SATO MB200/MB400

Epson 24-pin LQ compatible
dot matrix

(See Note 3)

Fujitsu FTP-628WSL110
TallyGenicom - Rugged 24-pin dot matrix printers

MIP360           MIP480

TallyGenicom MTP4P

4" Thermal Printer

CMP-10                   PD-22                   PD-04/PD-24

Pocket Spectrum

IPC DPP-350 & DPP-250
Datecs DPP350/DPP250
Note: Requires SW4=OFF for "Standard Mode"

IPC PP-55/50

Note: USB connection for
PP-55 not supported

CUSTOM s'print

GeBE Flash

ABLE Systems Ap1310

Axiohm A631


Peripheron Nomad

Martel MCP78xx

Canon PIXMA iP90/i80/i70
Use "Canon (600dpi)"

NOTE: The iP100 is NOT compatible
with our Canon printer support
Canon BJC-80/85
BJC-50/55 + most Canon BubbleJet printers
. Use "Canon BJ (360dpi)" printer selection

Epson: Stylus, ESC/P2

Note 1: HP printer support is for PCL3-compatible printers... all PCL versions up through PCL5 are backwards compatible with PCL3 and should work. PCL6 is NOT compatible or supported. Set Printer = HP PCL - for non-color (such as monochrome LaserJets) set Color/Mono = Monochrome.
- Some of HP's printers are NOT compatible with our HP support. If you go to HP's website (www.hp.com) and search for a particular printer, examine the "specifications" page for the printer - if it says the printer uses HP's PCL printer language (other than PCL6), it will likely work fine. If it only uses PCL6 or LIDIL - (Lightweight Imaging Device Interface Language), it probably will not to work.
Note 2: Zebra support is limited to CPCL-compatible printers... If you are having difficulty with QL Plus printers or CPCL printers that also support ZPL or EPL, visit HERE for assistance.
Note 3: Epson and other 9-pin dot matrix printers not supported.

Developers: Interested in adding printing support to your Windows Mobile and WinCE apps
Check out PrinterCE.NetCF SDK (C# and VB.Net) and  PrinterCE SDK (eVC C/C++/MFC and eVB)