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Print Image & Photo Files  
Version 1.987 Available  See What's New

Click here to download installer:
PocketPixPrint for Pocket PC

Supports all Pocket PC's, including Pocket PC: WM6, WM5, PPC2003/2002. Download and run PocketPixPrint_Install.exe on your desktop PC to install to your ActiveSynced Pocket PC

Try free for 30 days
NOTE: This download is the full PocketPixPrint shipping version. This will install as a fully-functioning free 30-day evaluation. When you purchase at the "Buy Me Now" link you will receive a Registration Code to permanently unlock the evaluation mode.

Direct install CAB files: download the CAB file for your device to your
desktop PC, use ActiveSync -> Explore to copy to your Pocket PC.
Use Pocket PC File Explorer to find the CAB file, tap to install.
CAB: Pocket PC WM6, WM5, PPC2003

CAB: Pocket PC 2002

Download & evaluate PocketPixPrint before purchasing.  When 
you purchase at "Buy Me Now" you will receive a Registration
Code that permanently unlocks the evaluation mode.

$19.95 - Buy Me Now!

"I was impressed by the functionality of this FieldSoftware application. 
It is simple to use, yet there are many options available to help you 
print out a quality document.". 
- A Must Have!!

TUCOWS Rating: Excellent... PocketPixPrint "is lot's 
of fun and a really useful utility!" 

Free Upgrade to PocketPixPrint v1.987:  If you purchased a previous version of PocketPixPrint, you can upgrade to this latest version for free. Simply click on the Download link (above right) for your device, download the installer, and run it from your desktop to install the newest version. If you have any difficulties, please uninstall PocketPixPrintfrom your device (Start menu -> Settings -> System Tab -> Remove Programs -> select "FieldSoftware PocketPixPrint" and tap the "Remove" button then "Yes". Now try installing the new version again.

Questions or problems? Email to techsupport@fieldsoftware.com

What is PocketPixPrint?

PocketPixPrint prints image and photo files (BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG) from Pocket PC devices to a variety of color and monochrome printers. Use PocketPixPrint to print a single image per page (selecting the printed image size and other options) or print thumbnail images of all image files in a selected folder. Printers Supported by PocketPixPrint

Installing and Running PocketPixPrint:

bulletRun PocketPixPrint_Install.exe from your desktop to install to your Pocket PC device.
bulletTap on Start menu -> Programs and then tap PocketPixPrint. When PocketPixPrint starts, it will display a "quick help" screen (see below) to introduce you to PocketPixPrint. (Tap OFF the checkbox "Show this screen on startup" to prevent this screen from displaying every time PocketPixPrint is started). 
bulletTap OK to remove the QuickHelp screen. PocketPixPrint presents a list of folders and image files it finds in your Pocket PC device. (below right).

Opening QuickHelp Screen 

Image Selection List 
Lists folders and image files

Printing a Single Image:

bulletTraverse the folders and tap on the image file to be printed... this will display the Print Image Options screen (below left):
bulletImage: Shows image file name selected
bulletPrint Size of Image: Select desired size of printed image:
bulletExact Size: Prints image without resizing... the actual image size depends on the resolution of the printer.
bulletFit to Page: Sizes the image to fit within the page size (including margins).
bulletCustom Size: Sizes the image to fit within the Width and Height values. If Maintain Proportions is checked, will size image to fit within the boundaries while retaining the original aspect ratio of the image.
bulletVertical Position: Where the image should be placed on the page - top, center or bottom. 
bulletHorizontal Position: Where the image should be placed on the page - left, center or right. 
bulletPrint file name: If checked, the image file name will be printed below the image. Select Font and Font Size to be used to print the file name.. 
bulletImage Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the printed image
bulletContinue: After all the printing options are set, tap to proceed.
bulletCancel: Returns to main folder/file selection screen
bulletImage Info: Pops up "Image Info" box (below right) to show Resolution of the image (number of dots wide and high), Size in Memory that the image requires, and File Size of the image file. Note that JPG and GIF image files can be significantly bigger in "Size in Memory" than File Size. In general, your Pocket PC must have at least twice as much free memory as the "Size in Memory" value.

Print Image Options 

Image Info

bulletWhen you tap Continue, if you have not yet registered PocketPixPrint, you will go to the Evaluation Screen (below left). Tap "Use PocketPixPrint Evaluation" button if you do not wish to register. Once you have purchased PocketPixPrint, you should receive a registration code (contact techsupport@fieldsoftware.com if you do not). Tap in your Registration Code and tap the Register button to register your purchase. Once registered, you will not see the Evaluation screen again.
bulletAt the Select Printer screen (below right), select your printer and set up any other options.

Evaluation Screen 

Select Printer

bulletTap on More Settings to change other printer settings such as Margins. The "Form Feed Settings" is useful for printers that use paper rolls. By setting the "Scroll" option, the paper will move the set distance past the last printed part of the page. If you are using regular "cut sheet" paper, leave this setting at "Normal Form Feed". Most of the other settings should be left unchanged. Tap OK to go back to the "Select Printer" screen (go here for full explanation of all printer options).

Network Printing

What Do The Printer Options Do?

bulletTap Start Printing on the Select Printer screen to begin printing. You will see the "Printing in Progress" box. Once printing is complete, PocketPixPrint will return to the main screen.

More Settings 

Printing in Progress

Printing Thumbnail Images of all image files in a folder:

bulletOn the main screen, traverse the folders to find the folder containing the image files you are interested in. Tap the Thumbnails button on the bottom toolbar. This will take you to the Thumbnail Options screen (below left):
bulletThumbnails Folder: Shows the selected folder and number of images in the folder to be printed.
bulletImages Across: Select desired number of thumbnail images to print across the page:
bulletImages Down: Select desired number of thumbnail images to print down the page:
bulletPrint file names & path: If checked, each printed page will include the folder path printed at the top of the page and each thumbnail image will include the image filename. Select Font and Font Size to be used to print the file names - note that the folder path will use the selected font and print twice the font size selection. 
bulletImage Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the printed image
bulletContinue: After all the printing options are set, tap to proceed to Evaluation or Select Printer screens (see previous section for info on these).
bulletCancel: Returns to main folder/file selection screen

Thumbnail Options 

Menu Selections

PocketPixPrint Menu Selections (see screenshot above right)

bulletPrint thumbnails...: Same as selecting the "Thumbnails" button on the bottom toolbar. See previous section for info on printing thumbnails.
bulletInclude BMP/GIF/JPG/PNG Images: For each of these selections, if the item is checked, images of that file type will be included in the list of images within folders. Tap on any of these to uncheck the item and not include that image file type.
bulletQuick Help... Brings up the opening Quick Help screen (see at top). 

Command-line support: Software Developers - Want to add image printing to your apps? Use PocketPixPrint's command-line support to quickly provide your customers with the capability to print image files. Visit here for details. 

Volume Discounts for PocketPixPrint:
Volume discounts not for resale.
For questions or company purchase orders or by check  contact sales@fieldsoftware.com
1 Installation
$19.95 ea
2-9 Installations
$18.50 ea
10-24 Installations
$14.95 ea
25-99 Installations
$12.50 ea