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A Clipboard Print Utility for Pocket PC & Windows CE
Version 1.970 Available  See What's New

$14.95 - Buy Me Now

Download & install PocketClipPrint for your device.  When you make your purchase at "Buy Me Now" you will receive a Registration Code that permanently unlocks the evaluation mode.

Printers Supported by PocketClipPrint

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Download for Pocket PC
For Pocket PC WM6, WM5, PPC2003/2002

Download for H/PC Pro & H/PC 2000

Article: Printing with PocketClipPrint
by Christian Forsberg
"PocketClipPrint does exactly what you expect—it prints the contents of the Pocket PC clipboard whether it's text or an image. And by doing so offers you the ability to print from almost all Pocket PC applications. If you need to get something out on paper while on the go, PocketClipPrint and the smallest supported printer you can find are good friends to bring along."
PocketNow.Com Review: I was amazed at the speed of printing, this  seemed almost faster than a direct connection.... The functionality was flawless. Overall I really like this program... It is very easy to use...
TUCOWS Rating: Excellent!! 

Free Upgrade to PocketClipPrint v1.970:  If you purchased a previous version of PocketClipPrint, you can upgrade to this latest version for free. Simply click on the Download link (above right) for your device, download the installer, and run it from your desktop to install the newest version. If you have any difficulties, please uninstall PocketClipPrint from your device (Start menu -> Settings -> System Tab -> Remove Programs -> select "FieldSoftware PocketClipPrint" and tap the "Remove" button then "Yes". Now try installing the new version again.

Questions or problems? Email to techsupport@fieldsoftware.com

What is PocketClipPrint?

PocketClipPrint prints text that is selected and copied to the Windows Mobile clipboard from almost any source, such as Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Internet Explorer, Inbox. PocketClipPrint can also print images that are copied to the device clipboard. PocketClipPrint can print to a wide variety of infrared and serial printers (click here for list of printers supported).  

NOTE: PocketClipPrint does NOT print with text formatting, such as multiple fonts, font sizes, bold, italic, etc. All text is printed with a single font and set of attributes.

Using PocketClipPrint:

bulletRun PocketClipPrint_Install.exe from your desktop to install to your PocketPC or Windows CE device.
bulletOnce installed, go to any Pocket PC application such as Pocket Word and select some or all of the text (by holding the pen at the start of the text section to be selected and then sliding the pen to the end of the selection text: or tapping Edit menu -> Select All to select all of the text in the document) or select an image (tapping on the image).
bulletCopy your selection to the clipboard by tapping the Edit menu -> Copy.
bulletTap on Start->Programs and then tap PocketClipPrint.
bulletPocketClipPrint checks to see what is available on the clipboard. If it finds text or a graphic image that it can print, it displays one of the specific dialogs shown below (text on the left, graphics on the right).
bulletFor text printing, you can select a font typeface, point size and style. PocketClipPrint prints text using only a single font selected at print time. Any special formatting and multiple font use such as might be found in Pocket Word documents will all be printed out in the single font and point size selected at print time
bulletFor image printing, you can choose to have PocketClipPrint draw a border around the image it prints and select the image print size as follows:
bulletOriginal Size – prints the actual pixel size of the image. Note that since most printers have two to three times the resolution of displays, Original Size printing of images will usually be one-half to one-third of the display size.
bullet 75% 100% 150% - prints the image approximately the selected percentage size of the image as displayed on your device. If the image appears to be 1” x 1” square, selecting 100% will print out the image approximately 1 inch square, regardless of the resolution of your printer.
bulletPress the Print Clipboard button to go to the Printer Selection dialog box (below left). You can select your printer and other settings. Press the More Settings button for additional settings (below right).
bulletIf you are using your Infrared port, make sure your printer is on and the IR ports are lined up between the printer and your device. Press the Start Printing button.

Network Printing

What Do The Printer Options Do?

Printers Supported by PocketClipPrint

Volume Discounts for PocketClipPrint:
Volume discounts not for resale - For questions or company purchase orders or by check  contact sales@fieldsoftware.comVolume pricing is on a "per purchase" basis
Single User
$14.95 ea
$12.50 ea
$9.95 ea

Developers: Interested in adding printing support to your Pocket PC programs? Check out FieldSoftware’s PrinterCE ActiveX printing technology for PocketPC and Windows CE - available for C++, MFC/CE and eVB applications here!