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for Pocket PC WM6.1 and earlier
NOTE: Does NOT support WM6.1.4 and WM6.5

Print fully formatted HTML/Web pages from within Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE).
Prints in Color!!  
Version 1.270 Available  See What's New

Download: PIEprint Installer for
Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 6.1 and earlier
NOTE: Does NOT support WM6.1.4 and WM6.5

Try free for 30 days!
NOTE: This download is the full PIEprint shipping version. 
If you haven't purchased a registration code yet, no problem! 
This will install as a fully-functioning free 30-day evaluation.
Direct download :
PIEprint CAB file for Pocket PC WM6.1 and earlier

PIEprint CAB file for PPC2002

To Purchase: Download & install PIEprint to your
Pocket PC WM6.1 and earlier (see links above)
When you purchase at the "Buy Me Now" link, you will receive a 
Registration Code that permanently unlocks the evaluation mode.

$24.95 - Buy PIEprint Now!
Click here for volume pricing.

What is PIEprint?  
PIEprint allows printing fully formatted HTML files from within Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) on Pocket PC (WM6.1 and earlier) devices. PIEprint offers a variety of printing options and prints to a wide variety printers  using Infrared, Bluetooth, 802.11b wireless network and serial connections.

Installing and Using PIEprint:  

bulletDownload PIEprint installer by clicking the "Download" link above.
bulletRun PIEprint_Install.exe on desktop PC to install to your Pocket PC WM6.1 and earlier device. NOTE: For direct installation, download the correct PIEprint CAB file for your Pocket PC and use Pocket File Explorer to find and run the CAB file, which will install PIEprint and then delete itself. Direct download :
PIEprint CAB file for Pocket PC WM6.1 and earlier

PIEprint CAB file for PPC2002
bulletOn your Pocket PC, start Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE), usually found in the Start Menu (below left).
bulletIn PIE, go to the HTML page you want to print (below right).

Start Pocket 
Internet Explorer (PIE) 

Go to page to be printed

bulletTap-and-Hold stylus on a portion of the HTML page that is not an image or a link (below left)
bulletYou will see menu pop up that includes "Print" option (below right). If the Print option is not on the menu, try another empty part of the HTML page.

Not on an image or link. 

Pop-up menu should 
contain Print selection

bulletTap on Print. If you are trying PIEprint's free 30-day evaluation, you will see the "Evaluation" screen (below left). Simply tap on the "Use PIEprint Evaluation" button to proceed. After you purchase PIEprint, you will receive a registration code that you enter at this screen and tap "Register" to unlock PIEprint for your use.
bulletNow you should see the main PIEprint screen (below right).

Evaluation screen 

PIEprint main screen 

bulletPIEprint Options (above right):  
bulletPrint Sizing: Some HTML pages are too wide to fit on the printed page. You can select "Shrink to fit to Page Width" to print a "too-wide" HTML page. You can select a custom resize percentage to force printing a page smaller or larger than designed.
bulletPrint Range: Allows you to select a page range rather than print all pages of an HTML file.
bulletNumber of Copies: Set if you want to print multilple copies of the print job.
bulletPrint Header/Footer: Prints header containing HTML page title and page number, plus footer containing URL address and date/time of print job.
bulletReduce Text Size: Some HTML pages print with the text larger than desired. Selecting this option reduces all text sizes by about 1/4.
bulletContinue Button: Tap this after setting all PIEprint options to continue to "Select Printer" screen (below left).
bulletQuick Print Button: If you have previously selected printer and other options (see "Select Printer" below), you can tap Quick Print to use current printer and paper selections to begin printing right away.
bulletCancel Button: Returns to PIE without printing.
bulletAbout Button: Shows About screen with current PIEprint version number.
bulletAfter selecting any option changes, tap "Continue" button to go to the "Select Printer" screen (below left). See "Printer Options" for more info.
bulletSelect your printer (below right) and any other options.

Select Printer

Printer List

bulletTap on "More Settings" (below left) to change other printer settings such as Margins. Click here for more info
bulletTap Start Printing button and PIEprint will begin processing the HTML page (below right) and begin printing. Once printing is complete, PIEprint will return to Pocket Internet Explorer. 

What Do The Printer Options Do?


Printers Supported by PIEprint


Network Printing


Bluetooth Printing

PIEprint Limitations: 


PIEprint supports all Pocket PC WM6.1 and earlier devices. Note: WM6.1.4 and WM6.5 use different version of IE (Internet Explorer) which does not support addition of "Print" option to context menu - so PIEprint will not work.


PIEprint does NOT support the following tag categories: Script tags (ie. Java Script), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), link, inclusion, style and form tags.


PIEprint does not work with AvantGo - you will not be able to print WEB pages downloaded by AvantGo.


Volume Pricing for PIEprint:
discounts not for resale - For quotes on larger volumes, info on using purchase orders, or other questions email sales@fieldsoftware.com. All volume pricing is on a "per purchase" basis.
NOTE: Does NOT support WM6.1.4 and WM6.5
1 installation
$22.50 ea
$19.95 ea
$16.50 ea
$12.50 ea
NOTE: For quantities of 250 or more, please email sales@fieldsoftware.com