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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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What is PrintPocketCE? See here for information.


I have a hand-drawn map and a signature in my Pocket Word document... why don't they print?  "Inking" (handwritten notes) areas of Pocket Word documents are NOT printed by PrintPocketCE. Microsoft is currently keeping its inking technology proprietary. Hopefully this will change to permit inking printing to be added to PrintPocketCE in the future (for a free upgrade to current customers).


I have a couple of images in my Pocket Word document... they print out fine but why aren't they positioned on the page where I expect them?  The Pocket PC contains a special function that PrintPocketCE uses to discover the contents of a Pocket Word document. (which must be used since Microsoft keeps the actual storage format of Pocket Word documents proprietary). Unfortunately, this special function has some errors in what it reports to PrintPocketCE about the document, especially in the area of image positioning. There's not much that can be done until a fix for this function becomes available from Microsoft.


Why do my Word documents look and print different on my Pocket PC than on my desktop PC?  Pocket Word supports only a small subset of the features of the desktop version of Microsoft Word (see here). Since PrintPocketCE uses the same subset, documents printed will more closely resemble the Pocket Word version.

Have more questions? Send them to techsupport@fieldsoftware.com.